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Ventura County is located at the southern part of the state of California.It has a rich history dating back as far as the pre-colonial era. Keeping up with the times, it is now a progressive constituency that is bustling with activity and is home to dynamic communities. It offers its residents quality schools, shopping malls, restaurants, parks and recreation, sporting activities, hospitals and other medical facilities, and diverse places of worship.

Here are links to a few prominent communities in Ventura County for more information:

Fillmore           Santa Paula            Oxnard          Ventura         

Moorpark         Port Hueneme        Camarillo


Aug. 31, 2016

Selling A Home with Proposition 13 Tax Relief - Propositions 60 & 90

Proposition 60 allows seniors age 55 or older to sell their existing residence and to buy a replacement residence of equal or lesser value within two years in the same county without being subject to a property tax increase. In fact, the old proposition 13 assessed valuation from the initial home will transfer to the new replacement property. In most situations, this transfer is allowed only once in your lifetime and only one spouse must be age 55 or older. If the two spouses desire to split and each buy a replacement residence, only one spouse will have the advantage of using the Proposition 60 transfer. In other words, if one spouse uses the transfer the other will be thereafter prohibited.

Proposition 90 extends Proposition 60 by allowing California counties to elect to accept transfers of Proposition 13 valuations from other counties. Thus, if a senior wants to move from Los Angeles County to say Orange County, now the senior can take his or her old lower Proposition 13 assessed value to a new replacement residence of equal or lesser value to any of the following eight (8) California counties presently (as of February 15, 2010) accepting proposition 90:

  1. Alameda
  2. El Dorado
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Orange
  5. San Clara
  6. Santa Diego
  7. San Mateo
  8. Ventura

**Contra Costa, Inyo, Kern, Riverside, Modoc, Monterey, and Marin have dropped out of the Proposition 90 program.

Proposition 110 again extended Proposition 60 by creating an exception to the one-time-only transfer limitation applicable to seniors age 55 or older. Pursuant to proposition 110, if a person over the age of 55 years previously received a base year value transfer from an original property to a replacement dwelling and subsequently becomes severely and permanently disabled, then that senior may now transfer his or her original Proposition 13 base year value a second time. The base year value transfer, however, is not available in the reverse situation; if one receives the benefit due to disability, then they cannot subsequently claim the relief for age.

To qualify for the Proposition 60/90/110 tax benefits, the following criteria must be met:

1. At the time of sale, the original property must have been eligible for the Homeowners’ Exemption, or entitled to the Disabled Veterans’ Exemption;

2. Both properties must be located in the same county, unless the replacement residence is located in one of the 7 counties that accept Proposition 90;

3. On or before the date of transfer (closing of escrow) for the original Proposition 13 property, either the seller or the seller's spouse must be at least 55 years of age, or be severely or permanently disabled; 

4. The replacement dwelling bought must be of equal or lesser value than the selling price of the original Proposition 13 property;

5. The replacement dwelling bought must have been acquired or newly constructed within two years of the sale of the original Proposition 13 property;

6. The senior or disabled owner must file an application (claim form with the county assessor's office) within three (3) years following the purchase date, or new construction completion date, of the replacement property; and

7. The original property must be subject to reappraisal at its current fair market value (e.g., most transfers between parents and children will not qualify.)



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Aug. 16, 2016



 August Grand Openings | Grand Re-Opening | Movies @ the Park

Friday, August 19th FREE  Movies @ the Park presents Angry Birds

(sponsored by Fillmore Chamber & Fillmore Explorers) 8:20pm Bring a chair or a blanket. Snacks will be available for a fee to benefit the Fillmore Explorers and the Bears Chearleaders.


Saturday, August 20th Baskin Robbins Grand Opening 12pm-6pm

(616 W. Ventura Blvd. in the Vons shopping center)

Baskin-Robbins is the world's largest chain of ice cream specialty shops and  known for its "31 flavors" slogan, with the idea that a customer could have a different flavor every day of any month



Thursday, August 25th Nova Storage Grand Re-Opening 5pm-7pm

(455 A St. Fillmore)

We make moving easy, so all you have to do is decide that it's worth the small amount of time to clear out your home and get organized again! Our bilingual staff members are happy to take you on a tour of your nearest property, and we'll even help you determine which unit size is best for your storage needs. We're confident that you'll become a satisfied customer in no time at all!



Saturday, August 27th. Cricket Wireless Grand Opening 12pm-5pm

(618 W. Ventura St. )

Cricket Wireless is now hiring! See flyer attached for more information! 

See you around town!


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Aug. 1, 2016




(Fillmore City Hall area) this Friday July 29th at 8:15pm! Enjoy the movie "Zootopia." Bring a chair or a blanket to sit on and enjoy the movie! There will be snacks available for purchase to benefit local organizations. Event hosted by the Fillmore Chamber of Commerce and our generous sponsors American Dream Realt    -Alex Ortiz and Equipment Donation from Mr. Sergio Martinez.



Fillmore Swimming Pool! For a current schedule! Below is the link to their schedule!

Questions call 805.524.4902

 Two Rivers Park 


The bike park is a professionally designed facility giving cyclists a safe, off street place to learn to ride, practice and increase cycling skills. It will have several features, including pump tracks, skills areas, trials area, practice trail and jump line.

(River and D streets) Fillmore Bike Track and the skate park.


Fillmore Hatchery is open all year. Fillmore Hatchery gets its water from a combination of springs and wells that provide excellent temperature and quality for raising trout.

(612 E. Telegraph Rd. 805.524.0962)


As you stroll about the Fillmore Historical Museum you will find four historical buildings with treasures from the early days in the Santa Clara valley and Many more!

(350 Main St. 805.524.0948)


Our Honey is produced in Ventura County, home of the best SAGE and WILDFLOWER fields in California. 

(3176 Honey Lane 805.521.1375)



Over time, Elkins Ranch golf course has evolved and today exhibits the care and thought that have taken full advantage of its unique location and natural landscape. Magnificently framed against the backdrop of the rugged Sespe and San Cayetano Mountain ranges...five lakes come into play on nine different holes...several elevated tees offer breathtaking views...and the signature 17th hole (440-yard, par 4) offers an unforgettable vision of the entire Heritage Valley...with an accurate drive required to hit the fairway situated 110 feet below! This is the finest Ventura County golf course.

(1386 Chambersburg Rd. 805.524.1296)



Get updated and experience the train ride! 

( 805.524.2546)

Visit a fruit stand on Hwy. 126 like FRANCISCO'S FRUITS

At the heart of Francisco’s Fruit Stand is our family farm. Our fruit stand was established in 1983 as an outlet to market our oranges directly to the public. People loved that they could get freshly picked oranges, at a very reasonable price and  it quickly gained popularity. Over time it grew to include a rich array of fruits and vegetables from our valley.

(1782 E. Telegraph Rd. 805.524.4616)


The Santa Clara River Valley Railroad Historical Society was established in 1993 to assist in the preservation and restoration of the railroad corridor between Montalvo and Saugus, California. This railroad corridor, commonly referred to as the Southern Pacific's Santa Paula Branch, is a unique and historic asset to the residents of the Santa Clara River Valley and the surrounding area. To maximize the economic, educational and recreational value of this asset, the Organization will acquire, preserve, exhibit and operate historic railroad equipment; in addition, it will collect and display artifacts, photographs and operational documents unique to the region.

(455 Main St. Call for hours 524.2254)


Check their website for upcoming events.

(502 Second St. 805.524.3355 )



Rancho Camulos, now known as Rancho Camulos Museum, is a ranch located in the Santa Clara River Valley 2.2 miles east of Piru, California and just north of the Santa Clara River, in present day Ventura County, California.

(5164 E. Telegraph Rd. Piru, 805.521.1501

These are just some ideas to get you started! Go out and explore our beautiful city and surrounding areas!

The calendar of events is attached! Enjoy!

Keep cool and hydrated! 

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May 10, 2016

Tell me about the results you got when you worked with The Oscars Real Estate Team

"We were selling a house in California and the first people that walked through ended up buying it. We ended up getting a little bit more than we expected. He'd go back and check on stuff to make sure everything was going well, since we weren't there. He was on top of everything. We had a fabulous experience with him."

-Mike (Seller)

March 31, 2016

How we helped Oscar Guzman purchase a home for his parents.


“We were able to purchase a home for my parents. They were very happy with the home, and the transaction was pretty smooth. There was a moment when the deal was about to fall through, and he made a few calls, he talked to the seller, and did what needed to be done to make it happen."

-Oscar Guzman

March 31, 2016

How we helped Aria Erazo sell her home by going above and beyond.


“We were selling our house. We actually went to him three different times. He evaluated our house, and then we backed out of selling and then we went back. The third time when we went, he was super patient with us. He would say, "Okay, whenever you're ready, just give me a call. He was never the pesky kind of Realtor who would call every couple months to see if we were ready or not. He let us go to him.

When we were finally ready, we told him what we wanted, we told him how much we wanted for the house. He didn't waste anybody's time. He would only come to us with realistic offers. Whenever he would tell us, "I think we could do a little better." I think our house was on the market for a pretty long time because we weren't in a rush to sell. We really wanted to get the best price. He was super patient, and he gave us his honest opinion. He waited out with us and helped us get top dollar for what we were selling.

We ended up selling our house, which was a fixer-upper. My husband's grandmother left it to him, and we were newly married, in our twenties, and had no money to fix it. He honestly treated it like it was his house. He himself fixed up what needed to be fixed. There was quite a bit of termite damage, and he got his guys over and fixed it. There was one instance where I didn't get paid correctly at work, and he gave us a loan and said to pay it back whenever we could. Anything you needed him for, he was willing to do it.”

-Aria Erazo

Jan. 18, 2016

Mortgage Rates In 2016

As of November 2015, over six years into the financial recuperation, rates are as yet floating around those low levels. The normal rate for a 30-year home loan is 3.76%; for a 15-year contract, it is 2.98%. 

History manages contract rates can't stay this low until the end of time. Most industry experts over-viewed in 2009 never thought rates would in any case be under 4% in 2015. Understanding the essential elements that impact contract rates can extend where they will go in 2016. 

Supply and Demand 

Like any good or service in a free market, the cost of a home loan is essentially affected by supply and request. The supply of cash to loan is not endless, so when interest for this cash rises, its expense additionally rises. Therefore, loan fees increment when more individuals need contracts. 

The interest for home loans tends to ascend in times of financial quality. At the point when the economy is solid, more individuals have employments, wages are up and customer certainty surges. These variables impel individuals into the home-buying market, by far most of whom inspire home loans to purchase their homes. 

So also, when the economy is powerless and individuals are not lining up at the bank for home loans, moneylenders lower rates to allure getting action. It is the same motivation behind why blooms cost more around Valentine's Day than on an irregular Tuesday in August; when more purchasers need an item, merchants can charge more. 

Government Funds Rate 

The Federal Funds rate is the loan fee at which banks loan cash kept up at the Federal Reserve to different banks overnight. To meet least save prerequisites, banks at times get finances overnight from different banks. This speaks to a working expense; when it expands, banks typically pass it to purchasers. Thusly, contract rates have long been connected with the government stores rate. At the point when one ascents, so does the other. 

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), a policy-making body of the Federal Reserve, sets the objective for the government stores rate and utilizes open business sector operations to get it there. The FOMC pushes the rate lower when the economy is frail and pushes the rate higher when the economy is solid.


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Jan. 10, 2016

Negotiating The Closing Costs

Know The Different Costs

Closing costs come in diverse sizes and from different spots. There's the expenses the loan specialist charges and there are additionally State and government charges home purchasers need to pay. Loan specialist expenses are going to shift starting with one bank or contract dealer, then onto the next and are the place you can locate the most investment funds. Notwithstanding, there's practically no space for transaction with things such as city, province and state exchange charges, prepaid property charges and recording expenses. 

The most well-known costs property holders will face to close on the home incorporate an area overview, evaluation, credit checks, advance beginning charge, application expense and review expenses. There's additional focuses a borrower can buy to bring down the financing cost on the life of the home loan advance. The sum somebody is going to pay in shutting costs relies on upon the monetary organization and the home loan related expenses it charges, the state in which the house is found and how much the advance is for. 

The Lender Side does Transactions

Part of being affirmed for a home loan is ensuring the house is justified regardless of the asking cost and is possessed by the individual who says he or she is. That requires the home loan bank to do some due constancy, and the expense of that gets went on to the borrower. Contract related expenses incorporate a title look, leading an examination and a home assessment. The borrower likewise needs title protection, which is frequently acquired from the bank's favored back up plan. 

The catchphrase in the greater part of this is favored. That is on the grounds that the loan specialist needs you to utilize their outsider merchants, yet you don't have. Borrowers can search for some of those administrations to get a lower cost. Take title protection as one case. The supplier, the moneylender, suggests you might charge X every month in premiums, however that doesn't mean a borrower can't connect with contenders to see what they charge. Same goes for the home examination and overview. The costs will change among merchants which is the reason looking can spare you cash. 

At last your home loan bank will need to sing off on the merchant for the home loan procedure to continue. With regards to the evaluation, don't hope to save money on this one. The bank arranges the evaluation for your benefit. 

Search For The Perfect Mortgage Lender For you

One of the most straightforward approaches to slice your end expenses is to search around with regards to who you acquire cash from. That is on the grounds that one home loan moneylender is going to charge more in expenses than the one down the road. Most property holders know not to a couple contract representatives to get the best financing cost on their advance, however they don't have any significant bearing the same strategy to shutting costs. Outfitted with the expenses at one bank you can approach your favored one to check whether they will offer you a reprieve. The home loan industry is a focused one, and numerous banks do have squirm room regarding the charges they go on to you. Be careful if a loan specialist offers you an a worthy representative for go toward shutting costs. Regularly the tradeoff is a higher financing cost over the life of the credit. 


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Jan. 3, 2016

Housing Affordability in 2016

2015 exhibited opportunities and challenges for home buyers. While financing costs for a few borrowers were at noteworthy lows, floating around 4% and underneath, lodging values expanded, diminishing the quantity of moderate homes accessible. 

Settling on the choice to purchase a house dependably requires numerous contemplation. In the first place, you need to pinpoint the most advantageous area to live and survey housing affordability. As a rule, you have to figure out the amount of house you can bear the cost of and the expense of acquiring, given your monetary profile. 

Notwithstanding last year’s difficulties, economic situations, loaning runs and financing costs most likely imply that you will have the capacity to manage the cost of a home in 2016 on the off chance that you plan to make your buy ahead of schedule in the year. 

Favorable Housing Market to Buyers

With regards to housing, loan specialists consider a purchaser's debt-to-income proportion. Affordability implies that a purchaser uses close to 28% of his wage, or his aggregate obligation, to cover his home loan and other non-lodging obligations. Before the end of 2015, less than 63% of recorded homes fell into the moderate class, which represented less home deals notwithstanding absolute bottom loan costs. Slowed down compensation development further exacerbated the issue, and that is not anticipated that would change in 2016. Housing costs are relied upon to level off, and more mortgage holders are required to offer because of the value increments they've found in the previous year. With more houses accessible available to be purchased, purchasers can expect less rivalry when they find bargains. 

Farewell to Historical Low Rates

Individuals who purchased homes in 2015 and met certain monetary criteria, for example, having great credit and 10 to 20% money to put down, delighted in verifiable low loan costs. Despite the fact that the Federal Reserve is required to increment loan fees in 2016, purchasers can in any case buy homes at reasonable rates in the event that they do it right on time in the year. Forthcoming borrowers in rustic and undeserved zones can in any case apply for U.S. Division of Agriculture-safeguarded advances. USDA advances offer purchasers in specific zones no-cash down credits. This is can be a win-win circumstance for some home buyers, in light of the fact that more homes in country ranges fall into the moderate classification than in urban zones. 

Necessity of Paperwork

By 2016, home buyers can anticipate that laws planned will teach and shield them from sketchy loaning practices to be completely executed. The new laws became effective in October 2015 and oblige moneylenders to give advance candidates a structure that unveils the full cost of the advance, including charges and protection, inside of three days of utilization for the credit. The moneylender should likewise furnish candidates with particular insights about how their credit installments could change after some time. The reason for this data is to offer purchasers some assistance with making educated choices, particularly when they are examination looking for home loans. Moreover, loan specialists are currently required to outfit purchasers with their end records for audit three days ahead of time of shutting. These new standards make it simpler for purchasers to settle on educated choices rapidly, all of which is gone for encouraging effective land exchanges.


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Dec. 9, 2015

Working With Us Has Many Benefits


Are you a real estate agent with no leads to call? 99% of real estate firms don’t provide leads to their agents. Instead, they advise you to start cold calling expired listings or to ask your family and friends if they are interested in buying or selling. 

At The Oscars Real Estate Team, we do things differently. Not only do we provide you with the training you need to succeed, we’ll give you a constant supply of qualified leads to call. These are leads that are actually looking to buy and sell.


If you have the desire to earn at least $100,000 per year, have a real estate license, are willing to follow a proven model for success, and can spend 2-3 hours per day following up with leads (of which we provide 30-75 per month), go to and get started today!

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